Frequently Asked Questions

How is the windshield different from other glass in my car?

The windshield in your car is made of laminated safety glass, designed to withstand significant force, which increases safety in case of an accident. This type of glass has two separate pieces of glass with vinyl in between, laminated together using heat and pressure to solidify the glass.

Because there are multiple layers in your windshield, when a small object such as a rock strikes it, usually it just damages the outer layer of glass, so the windshield can be safely repaired without requiring full replacement. In more severe accidents, the glass will often shatter but not come apart completely, because the glass on either side of the vinyl will adhere to the vinyl. An intact windshield acts as a barrier to keep objects inside the vehicle (including people).

Other windows in the car are made of tempered glass, which is heated and cooled rapidly so it is stronger than average glass. It is designed to shatter into small pieces instead of large, jagged pieces, so if there is an accident it is less likely to injure vehicle occupants.

How does my windshield protect me?

Windshields are designed to offer several layers of protection. First, they are an important part of the overall design of the car, keeping the frame intact in case of a rollover accident (preventing it from bending and causing injury to the vehicle’s occupants in the front seats). It is also the anchor for the passenger airbag, so any time that the windshield is out of place, it can be a safety hazard.

I have a crack in my windshield. Do I need to get the windshield crack repaired now or can I wait?

It’s critical to get any cracks or chips in the windshield fixed quickly, for a couple of reasons.

First, small chips and cracks can often be repaired very quickly and inexpensively, without replacing the entire windshield. This saves you and your insurance company a lot of money and all the hassle of getting a full windshield replacement. Most insurance companies also cover the costs of small basic auto glass repair, waiving the deductible so it’s free to the driver. The longer you wait, the more likely the crack or chip will spread and become too big to be repaired.

Second, damaged windshields can compromise your safety. The windshield is an important barrier that protects you in case of an accident, and damage that includes cracks can affect the windshield’s ability to remain intact in an accident. When the windshield is no longer intact, the airbags may not function as designed, and you or your passengers could be at risk. Plus larger cracks can inhibit your ability to see through the windshield, which is dangerous for driving conditions.

Can I get mobile windshield repair?

Yes, many places offer mobile windshield replacement, but weather can be a potential hazard for this service. Make sure that if you do it outdoors, it’s on a day when there is good weather. Avoid really hot or cold days, and days when precipitation is expected or humidity is particularly high. If you do the replacement in sub-optimal conditions, it can affect the windshield adhesion.

What should I look for in a glass replacement company?

Check to make sure that the company has technicians certified to complete auto glass repair and windshield replacement. Find out what kind of training and continuing education they get to ensure they are up to date on all the latest standards and changes in the industry, and what kind of parts they use (are they OEM, after market, etc.). Also, make sure they have a commitment to provide high quality workmanship, fair prices, and good customer service. You can also check with outside organizations that certify companies based on quality, customer service, and other factors.

Are windshield replacement warranties important?

Yes. Windshield replacement warranties should cover problems that occur after the installation, including improper seals or seating. This could lead to air or water leaks, and needs to be addressed immediately. At Turbo Auto Glass, we guarantee our work because we know that we only have high quality glass repairs. All of our windshield repairs come with a one-year warranty, and all of our windshield replacements are guaranteed for life.